Dedicated vs Individual Account

Container Registry offers three types of pricing plans:

  • individual;
  • dedicated;
  • custom/enterprise.

The present documentation is mostly written with dedicated accounts in mind. We would like to explain the differences between the three. The table below summarizes critical distinctions. You can also refer to our pricing page.

Tenants1 tenantMultitenancyMultitenancy
RepositoresOnly privatePrivate
Domainc8n.ioSubdomain on
or custom domain
Users1 userMultiple usersMutliple users
Storage1 GB100 GBCustom
High Availability

Users, Teams, and RBAC

Dedicated and custom enterprise accounts allow you to create user groups that enable fast collaboration on projects. These accounts also fully implement role-based access control allowing you to specify which user can do what.


Starting from a dedicated pricing plan, you have more control over the size of your registry storage. Dedicated accounts can obtain additional storage for a monthly fee. Custom enterprise accounts may be provisioned and operated by a selected cloud provider, thus giving their owners full control over their storage sizes.


With a dedicated account, you can use your company’s subdomain as your instance at Container Registry.

For enterprise accounts, we offer a completely customized setup and configuration of the container registry making it a white label product.

Additional Enterprise-Only Features

With an enterprise account, you can minimize or eliminate any rollout-related downtimes with multi-regional HA rollouts. You also receive enterprise-level customer support.


  • Individual accounts are completely free of charge.

  • Dedicated accounts provide a free 14-day trial.

  • Prices for custom solutions are calculated individually by our sales team.