Other Useful Features

Our Harbor-based cloud service allows you to manage your images easier. Apart from pulling and pushing images to and from your container registry, you can:

Facilitate your Kubernetes deployments by

  • seamless integration between your Kubernetes clusters and Harbor-based container registries;
  • using Kubernetes YAML manifests: Helm Charts;
  • access your Chart Museum directly from the GUI

Bypass connectivity issues by

  • using a proxy cache:
  • a pull-through cache for another target registry;
  • a cached copy is checked against the target and is always up-to-date.

Better manage your images by

  • organizing them into projects;
  • creating repositories inside projects;
  • tagging images;
  • creating labels and annotations for images;

Improve your security by

  • running vulnerability checks on images;
  • using identity providers, such as Google and Azure;
  • distributing commercial images safely;
  • applying role-based access control to all artifacts;

Automate your workflow by

  • creating robot accounts;
  • creating, refreshing, and synchronizing their secrets programmatically with Harbor Sync;
  • creating webhooks;
  • specifying a P2P preheat policy for commercial distribution of the images;

Have a better overview of your costs by

  • monitoring project quotas.