project_idintProject ID[optional]
owner_idintThe owner ID of the project always means the creator of the project.[optional]
namestrThe name of the project.[optional]
registry_idintThe ID of referenced registry when the project is a proxy cache project.[optional]
creation_timedatetimeThe creation time of the project.[optional]
update_timedatetimeThe update time of the project.[optional]
deletedboolA deletion mark of the project.[optional]
owner_namestrThe owner name of the project.[optional]
togglableboolCorrespond to the UI about whether the project's publicity is updatable (for UI)[optional]
current_user_role_idintThe role ID with highest permission of the current user who triggered the API (for UI). This attribute is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.[optional]
current_user_role_idslist[int]The list of role ID of the current user who triggered the API (for UI)[optional]
repo_countintThe number of the repositories under this project.[optional]
chart_countintThe total number of charts under this project.[optional]
metadataProjectMetadataThe metadata of the project.[optional]
cve_allowlistCVEAllowlistThe CVE allowlist of this project.[optional]