Add New Scanners

Although vulnerability scanning is a highly unified procedure, different scanners may capture different vulnerabilities. Some scanners are developed to act in a more severe way than others to meet specific compliance requirements. Nonetheless, adding more scanners may increase the general coverage and improve your cyber security.
To add a new scanner:

  • Expand Administration;
  • Go to Interrogation Services;
  • On the Scanners tab, click + New Scanner;

  • Fill in the form:
    • Give your scanner a name;
    • Optionally, add a description;
    • Enter the endpoint URL or IP address (if you are using an internal server);
    • Choose your authorization method:
      • For Basic one, enter your username and password which you received from the scanner provider;
      • For Bearer, enter the secret token from your provider;
      • For API key, enter the API key from your account on the scanner service provider.
    • Choose if you want to activate certificate verification;
    • If you entered an IP instead of an URL, select Use internal registry address to allow this.

  • Test the new connection and save the scanner if it was successful.