Registration for System Admins: Create a New Instance

All accounts with a Dedicated Service subscription can have multiple users. For the first time, the system administrator must complete the subscription purchase and configure the instance to enable other users to work with it later.

Users of Individual accounts are considered system admins of their accounts. The registration is the same.

To start working with Container Registry:

  • Go to our pricing page;
  • Select your subscription or start a free trial;
  • Fill in the form and provide your credit card details;
  • Check your emails: you must have received a confirmation that your account has been created;
  • Inside the email, click on password to display your password; you will be re-directed to a single use secure URL generated by OneTimeSecret where you can see your password for the Container Registry account;


The password will be kept by OneTimeSecret for a while but try to finish the registration within a few hours.

  • The same email will contain a subdomain that was automatically generated for your instance; click on it to go to your account;
  • Use admin as your user name and the password kept in OneTimeSecret as your password.