Scanning Artifacts

Read more about vulnerability scanning and how the health score is calculated here.

Running a System-Wide Scan

As a system administrator, you can scan all artifacts in your instance at once.

  • Go to Administration;
  • Click Interrogation Services;
  • Select Vulnerability tab;
  • Click Scan now.

This will set the whole process in motion. You can watch the progress.

Schedule a Scan

Inside the vulnerability tab, you can schedule a system-wide scan. It will scan all artifacts in all projects.
The scan can be set to run:

  • hourly;
  • daily;
  • weekly;
  • or on a custom schedule entered in the CRON format.

How to Scan Only Selected Artifacts

To do this, you need to go to a certain project to pick up artifacts.

  • Click Projects in the navigation pane;
  • Click on a project in the project overview);
  • Click on a repository;
  • Select artifacts;
  • Optionally, filter artifacts;
  • Click Scan.