Container Registry on Exoscale

A Managed Container Registry for Exoscale Users

Swiss Hosted Container Registry

Located in the Exoscale Datacenter CH-GVA-2, container images can be accessed and distributed from different regions as well as from the internet.


  • Multi-Tenant Container Registry
  • Unlimited private or public repositories
  • Exoscale Datacenter CH-GVA-2
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Usage-Based Pricing
0.11 GiBmonth

Simple and Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing

The Container Registry on Exoscale has a simple pricing model, you only pay for used storage space. Billing is done through your Exoscale account.

0.11 €, CHF, USD per month per Gibibyte (GiB)

Service Use

Existing Exoscale customers can subscribe and use Container Registry on Exoscale

Existing Exoscale customers can order and use Container Registry on Exoscale Not yet an Exoscale user? Registering to Exoscale takes less than 30 seconds.

Sign Up

Container Registry on Exoscale subscription is activated on the Exoscale Marketplace.

Onboarding of Teammates

There are two options available to onboard users from your organization to the Container Registry.

  1. Existing Exoscale IAM members will receive an email invitation to Container Registry on Exoscale and will have access to your organization’s private project area once they sign up and log in.
  2. Users who don’t have access to the Exoscale portal need to register on the Container Registry on Exoscale. To grant these users access to the private project area of your organization, add them manually via the Container Registry Web interface.
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