What Is Harbor?

Our service is built upon Harbor. Harbor is an open-source technology for storing and managing container images. It was developed by VMware, a leading provider of virtual machines, and then transferred to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), one of the biggest open-source initiatives.

In its turn, the Harbor project evolved out of Docker’s source code. Its contributors attempted to enhance the latter and eliminate its security problems. A lot of developers all over the world worked on both projects. This may have led to a certain inconsistency in the code. At Container Registry, we have been making our solution more secure than its ancestors.

Harbor is cloud-native. Moreover, it does not only store images but can scan their contents for security issues. Harbor also allows developers to sign the images that they push to the registry with their personal keys, thus, marking the images as trustworthy.

For more information on Harbor, visit the official Harbor project website.