current_timedatetimeThe current time of the server.[optional]
with_notaryboolIf the Harbor instance is deployed with nested notary.[optional]
with_chartmuseumboolIf the Harbor instance is deployed with nested chartmuseum.[optional]
registry_urlstrThe url of registry against which the docker command should be issued.[optional]
external_urlstrThe external URL of Harbor, with protocol.[optional]
auth_modestrThe auth mode of current Harbor instance.[optional]
project_creation_restrictionstrIndicate who can create projects, it could be 'adminonly' or 'everyone'.[optional]
self_registrationboolIndicate whether the Harbor instance enable user to register himself.[optional]
has_ca_rootboolIndicate whether there is a ca root cert file ready for download in the file system.[optional]
harbor_versionstrThe build version of Harbor.[optional]
registry_storage_provider_namestrThe storage provider's name of Harbor registry[optional]
read_onlyboolThe flag to indicate whether Harbor is in readonly mode.[optional]
notification_enableboolThe flag to indicate whether notification mechanism is enabled on Harbor instance.[optional]
authproxy_settingsAuthproxySettingThe setting of auth proxy this is only available when Harbor relies on authproxy for authentication.[optional]