Configure Artifacts Replication

In Container Registry, artifacts – images and helm charts – can be pushed or pulled between registries in bulks, even between those that are outside of our platform. This process is known as replication. Artifacts are replicated based on a filter: a replication rule.

The external registry does not need to be Harbor-based.

A replication can be initiated manually but its main advantage is that it can be set to run on a schedule or trigger. Configuring a replication – manual or rule-based automated – includes two major steps:

  • creating a replication endpoint;
  • creating a replication rule. Manual replications still need a rule but must be initiated by hand.

Namespace Match With the Destination Registry

When you push artifacts to a registry using replication, you do not need to create the namespace – project and repository – in the destination registry before. Exactly as in the case of pushing images to Container Registry from your local machine, the repository will be created in the destination. It also plays no role if the destination is your Container Registry system or an external one.


In you need to create namespaces in advance before using the endpoint.