idintThe policy ID.[optional]
namestrThe policy name.[optional]
descriptionstrThe description of the policy.[optional]
src_registryRegistryThe source registry.[optional]
dest_registryRegistryThe destination registry.[optional]
dest_namespacestrThe destination namespace.[optional]
dest_namespace_replace_countintSpecify how many path components will be replaced by the provided destination namespace. The default value is -1 in which case the legacy mode will be applied.[optional]
filterslist[ReplicationFilter]The replication policy filter array.[optional]
replicate_deletionboolWhether to replicate the deletion operation.[optional]
deletionboolDeprecated, use "replicate_deletion" instead. Whether to replicate the deletion operation.[optional]
overrideboolWhether to override the resources on the destination registry.[optional]
enabledboolWhether the policy is enabled or not.[optional]
creation_timedatetimeThe create time of the policy.[optional]
update_timedatetimeThe update time of the policy.[optional]
speedintspeed limit for each task[optional]
copy_by_chunkboolWhether to enable copy by chunk.[optional]