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Container Registry is a cloud-based solution that you can use in your browser or CLI tool or through an API.

Your Instance on Container Registry

All accounts with a Dedicated Service subscription receive a subdomain on Your organization can also request a custom domain.

Every subdomain/domain represents one instance. For different instances, you need different login credentials.

Registration Methods

As a user, you can use one of these methods to register in your Container Registry instance:

  • Your account admin can create a user for you and send you the credentials.
  • If the self-registration is enabled for the instance, then go to the subdomain/custom domain, and click on Sing up for an account, and fill in the form.
  • If the OIDC login is enabled for the instance, go to the subdomain/custom domain, click on Login via OIDC provider, and use one of your federated identity profiles.

The last two methods must be configured by your Container Registry administrator.

If you are the administrator, please refer to this tutorial in our administrator guide.