A no frills Harbor based Container Management Solution for teams and organizations

Container Registry started out in 2016 as a Portus Powered Container Registry Service for teams and organizations. In September 2020 we switched our foundation from Portus to Harbor, to better serve those that mean the most to us, our customers.


Many solutions arise from their own and immediate needs. After we started a new container-centric consulting project and faced difficulties to find a decent alternative Docker Registry for the organization we were building, we merged into a microservice-based software. Docker Hub was the only logical option, and we just discovered Portus, a new open-source Container Registry designed for teams and organizations. This discovery sparked our interest in migrating an op-prem application into SaaS and learn more about selling and promoting a SaaS instead of only building one. 8gears, our main entity, pivoted its business from pure consultancy to help software vendors build SaaS faster by providing them with a state-of-the-art SaaS Infrastructure with solutions for subscription management, authentication, and authorization. Included in this was functionality for multi-tenancy, Cloud rollout and operation. This service grew to include SaaS Integration and API Access and Management.

For the Future

Although Container Registries have become largely a commodity, there are still two customer groups that won’t see a solution from Cloud Providers anytime soon:

  • Container Registries for teams and organizations, where access and Container Management is not entangled with the Cloud Provider’s IAM. This service is mostly used by customers who are not using the big Cloud Providers or who have a Hybrid setup.

  • Independent Software Vendors that are building and distributing their Software as Container Images instead of ZIP or JAR files under their name and brand.

We hope that these customers groups will consider our services.