Manage Pre-Installed Scanners

You can find pre-installed vulnerability scanners under Administration -> Interrogation Services -> Scanners. If you click on an arrow next to a scanner, you’ll see the most important details about it. If you select a scanner using the small circle next to its name, you can perform the following actions with it

Set a Default Vulnerability Scanner

Use the Set as Default button to set a new default scanner for your instance:

Edit Existing Scanner

Click on the Action button and then select Edit: That will open a dialogue window where you can change:

  • the scanner’s name;
  • its description;
  • the endpoint URL;
  • authorization method;
  • certification verification;
  • registry address option;

as described here.

Disable or Enable a Scanner

When you disable a scanner, project admins won’t be able to add it to their projects or use it as a scanner if it has been already added before disabling. To allow using the scanner again, enable it.

Delete a Scanner

You can delete a system scanner using the Action button.