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DevOps Engineer. Writer.

1 posts

Passionate about continually evolving cloud computing tech. Loves to learn by doing things. Writes on Cloud and DevOps to share knowledge and insights. Reach out to me via

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Nitish Kumar


0 posts

Team member @kubernetes | GitHub Campus Expert

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Rahul Sharma

Open Source Developer at The Apache Software Foundation

1 posts

OSS Contributor. Cloud native enthusiastic

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Vadim Bauer

Founder of Container Registry

7 posts

SaaS Builder, Explorer, Cloud First, and DevOps advocate and practitioner! Founder @container-registry @8gears @z-invoice @konik-io to name a few. Vivid OSS Contributor.

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Yong Wei Lun

Software Engineer

2 posts

I work with golang, kubernetes and explore and write about #cloud, #golang, #kubernetes, #opensource and #cloudnative

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